Thursday, November 26, 2015

Video Game Review: Mass Effect 3

This is likely to be my last review for Sci-Fi month! I had a really fun time this month, and hopefully I will get to everyone's comments soon! You do have a few more days left to enter my giveaway

So here is my review of the final game in the Mass Effect Trilogy.

So ME3, in short what I have to say about this game is: great game, terrible ending. By the time I played the game I had the epilogue that showed you how the universe is affected by whichever choice you make at the end. So I thought that was pretty cool, but I also was annoyed with what happens at the end. If you haven't finished the game or played it, you probably won't be happy with any of the choices you are given. So be prepared.

So I really didn't like the ending, but I also didn't like the Galaxy at War percentage thing they introduced. You start out with 50% and you can only increase that number if you play the multiplayer online part of the game they introduced in this one. As a relatively new gamer I had no desire to do this, and my boyfriend said he never really had luck in trying to get this to work because not a lot of people played the online part. The problem is the only way you get the best possible outcome of the game is to do this, so that really annoyed me because I had the Citadel DLC and I did literally every mission I could! 

So other than these things, I generally enjoyed my time playing this game. I had such a fun time completing all the missions to build up my army to try to take down the reapers. Only I did miss a lot of citadel missions because I didn't realize you have to go back there before doing other missions, because a bunch of crazy things happen. I feel like I'm not explaining this game well, but I'm trying really hard not to spoil anything for anyone who may not have played the game.

In this game they introduced a weapon weight and power recharge thing which I thought was pretty cool. I played as a vanguard so I mostly just used a few small weapons, and blasted enemies with shockwave, and carnage. I really enjoyed that part of the game. You can basically set it up so you have one small pistol and your power recharge is pretty quick. I usually had my squad mates carry the heavy stuff in order to be effective here. 

I thought that they really perfected the combat in this game too. I found it hard to get used to the roll from cover to cover thing at first, but in the end I ended up really liking it. So much that when I started my replay of the first game I kept trying to roll and realized I couldn't do that yet. 

For the most part, the differences between the second and third game are pretty subtle so it was easier for me to get used to the third game. I think for the most part they perfected a lot of things that may have missed the mark in the second one. So yes, I did really enjoy this game as I was playing it, but I was just not that happy with the ending. 

My Rating: ★ 1/2

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