Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Video Game Review: Mass Effect 2

So I fell a little behind on my Sci-Fi Month posts, but I'm finally back with another video game review. This time with Mass Effect 2! If you haven't read my review for the first game you can read it here.

Dude, why isn't femshep the cover?
So I've been doing a renegade play though of the ME games, because I love this series so freaking much. The first run through I mostly played as a paragon, just because I always feel like I have to save everyone, so now I'm just running around being a dick and generally just trying to have a different experience with this game. And you totally can achieve this, especially if you purposely chose different choices. I think it's one of things that really makes me love this game trilogy. Choices matter.

So let's talk about how I initially felt about Mass Effect 2 when I first started it. I actually hated it at first. The reason is because the controls on the first game and the mechanics of your weapons were so freaking wack. So I got really use to my guns overheating all the time, that when they introduced the thermal clips in the second game I freaking hated it. I got so mad, but as I got more used to it I realized how they totally revamped the game for the better in the sequel. I just started my replay of this and after having played the first game again and gotten more of an experience with other games, I've realized that it's such a better game. I think maybe the best thing about this sequel is that they scrapped the Mako. Yay! Driving the messed up controls of that thing was the absolute worse thing in the either galaxy. I saw that they are bringing the Mako back for Andromeda, and I was just thinking, "oh, no, why?!?"

I think I also wasn't that into this game at first because in the plot of this game you are under Cerberus' thumb, but they are helping you prove that the reapers do exist and helping you destroy them. They also bring you back to life, so you basically have no choice. The organization are basically human terrorists, so I'm finding it easy to be an asshole to all of them in this renegade play through. I just want to punch The Illusive Man in the face at all times. 

So even though I had mixed feelings about this game when I first started it, playing it again now I realized that I think it is my favorite in the series. The way they revamped the game really made it a lot easier to play. How the weapons and combat was changed made more sense, but coming from just playing the first game for me it was really hard to get used to. Oh! But in this game you get more romance options, and you finally get to romance Garrus! So you know I did that in my first organic play through of these games. Garrus is just the best!

Honestly, I love this game so much and all I want to do when I get home from work every day is play hours of this game. Bioware has really taken over my life. I think if you had any issues with the first game that you should definitely check out this one. The game is so much better than the first, and I highly recommend it!

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