Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sci-Fi Month 2015 is here!

So...there is a reason that my blogging kind of went down the tube the past couple of months. One, because I got way too into playing any game that Bioware put out, but that's a whole other story, and Two, SCI-FI MONTH! 

Last year I participated in the 2014 Sci-Fi Month, so this year will be my second year participating. I wrote a lot of posts last November, and I really enjoyed the event so I'm excited to be a part of it again this year. 

I didn't prepare all that well last year and kept on changing my plans for what I was going to read, so this year I was trying to work ahead and read as many sci-fi books as I could BEFORE November so I will actually know what I'll be reviewing. We'll see if we actually stick to my plan, but here is what I tentatively will be discussing this month, in no particular order.

  • Deanna Listens Feature on StarTalk Radio (Neil Degrasse Tyson)
  • Review of Dune By Frank Herbert
  • How Ready Player One affected me
  • Video Game Review: Mass Effect
  • Review of The Fold By Peter Clines
  • Video Game Review: Mass Effect 2
  • Review of Star Wars The New Republic Vol.1 comic
  • Video Game Review: Mass Effect 3 
  • Review of Saga Vol.1
We'll see how much I actually finish reading in time to review. I just know that I am excited for Sci-Fi Month and to read what all the other bloggers will be talking about.

But wait...there's more! I'll also be doing a giveaway for Sci-Fi Month! So I've never really done a giveaway game before, but I really liked Val from the Innocent Smiley's Playing with Nostalgia guessing game so I kind of stole this idea from her. I thought for the sake of Sci-Fi Month that it would be fun to make you guess the Sci-Fi book from the list below. You don't need to know the authors, as long as you have the titles and I'm not going to be stickler on spelling as long as I can understand what you meant. The Giveaway will be anything under $17 US dollars on the book depository, so it will be international as long as TBD ships to your country. I encourage you to pick a great sci-fi book if you win!

  1. Boy plays easter egg hunt in virtual reality to win power and fortune left in the game by its creator
  2. Man finds out Earth is going to be destroyed to make way for a galactic freeway and is whisked away off the planet by his friend who is not who he says he is. High jinks ensue.
  3. Hyper intelligent man is sent to investigate highly top-secret scientific "Door " project only to find out that things and the scientists behind the door are are not exactly what they seem
  4. Royal houses of large empire fight for ultimate power on desert planet. Young heir survives and becomes all knowing messiah to native people.
  5. Astronaut gets mistaken for dead and gets stranded on Mars. He uses intelligence and his dark humor to survive life on planet while hoping NASA figures out how to save him.
  6. Cyborg mechanic is mistreated by stepmother and treated as a slave, until she figures out that her story is more complex than she ever could imagine.
  7. Girl and robot in disguise play music in orchestra together and fall in love during a bitter war between human and artificial life. Discovery of a virus created to destroy robots ends in a huge plot twist.
  8. Hyper intelligent young boy is sent to school to train kids to play a "game" against invading "bugs". But is it really just a game?
  9. Multiple perspective book about alien invasion and how the different waves take down the humans in a very perverse but evil genius way. Not everyone is who they say they are.
  10. Futuristic society is which everyone is deemed "ugly" until they are 16 when they get the operation to turn them "pretty". 

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Are you participating in Sci-Fi Month this year?

EDIT PLEASE READ: For some reason No.4 box in the rafflecopter was not showing up so it is there now. I thought that one was super easy, so I was wondering why no one had guessed it. Sorry!

Happy Reads Everyone!