Monday, November 2, 2015

Deanna Listens: StarTalk Radio

Since November is Sci-fi Month, I decided to feature a podcast this month that goes along with the theme. Unfortunately I've already featured Plumbing the Deathstar and The Star Wars Stacks, both of which are perfect podcasts to check out for any SciFi fan. So this month I am featuring StarTalk, hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson...and sometimes Bill Nye guests hosts.

StarTalk is a great podcast for any scifi fan that has an interest in the actual science behind a lot of scifi. While Tyson does a lot of interviews talking to other scientists about real science, he also does bring a lot of pop culture scifi into his show. 

Some examples and a few of my favorite Episodes are:

I do admit that I find Tyson's style for the show pretty odd. For Cosmic Queries and for any of the Live shows I've listened to they have been the standard format, but sometimes for the interviews he plays the interview he did, but intermixed in the show he talks with other guests about the interview. I find it really weird and I'm not really a fan of it, but if the interviewee is interesting enough, I will still listen to it.

I haven't listened to a lot of this podcast, but if you have general interest in space and you want to understand more about it, I would recommend this podcast.

Happy Reads Everyone!