Thursday, October 1, 2015

I think I'm breaking up with audiobooks

So I think I've hit a wall as a reader. I think I'm getting bored. Or I'm just still book hungover from finally finishing Dune. Or I just need to take a break from reading. I'm finding that the place where I need to take this break might be in my intake of audiobooks.

For a while I had been going hard at listening to audiobooks. I was all about them, but now I'm finding myself slowly losing interest. Not that the books are bad or the narrator is bad, I just end up half listening to it whilst doing chores or mindless reports at work. I think my brain just shuts off and I'm not really listening. I want to listen but I just can't pay attention.

I have to admit I've phoned in a couple of my audiobooks reviews, and there have been a few that I wrote reviews when I couldn't remember half of what happened in that particular book. I don't want to be a reviewer that half asses my reviews. I want my readers to see what I genuinely thought about a book. So I really think it's time for me to break up with audiobooks, or at least take a break from them for a long time.

Unfortunately I do think this will affect my blog a lot. I think I'm going through an existential crisis right now, so I haven't exactly wanted to read, so I'm so behind on my blog and commenting back to people. It's been real bad, but I've just been feeling really "meh" about life lately. I think my audiobook reviews allowed me to fill up my schedule so the blog might be a bit sparse for awhile. I'm still here everyone! ...I'm just not caught up in my reading yet.

I don't want this post to discourage anyone that is thinking of getting into audiobooks. I have really enjoyed listening to them, I just think I have burned myself out. I would still highly recommend audiobooks if you have the chance.

Happy Reads Everyone!