Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Manga Review: Sailor Moon, Vol. 1

Sailor Moon, Vol. 1 by Naoko Takeuchi
Publisher: ToykoPop
Release Date:  January 1st, 2003
Source: Brave New Worlds
Format: Paperback, 240 pages

My Rating: ★★

One of the most-beloved of all Japanese manga titles, Naoko Takeuchi's Sailor Moon has enthralled millions of readers worldwide since its debut in book form in early 1992. When Usagi Tsukino adopts a stray cat, she gets more than she bargains for The talking cat, Luna, informs Usagi that she is actually Sailor Moon, a magical princess from the future and protector of the Solar System. With the help of her new friends, the Sailor Scouts, and the mysterious Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon embarks on a quest to save us all from the evil powers of the Negaverse.
Okay...this review might be extremely biased because love is blind, and I love me some Sailor Moon.

No for real. If you were here with me in my very first post on this blog, you'll know that I started my interest in writing by writing Sailor moon fanfiction. Only it was the late '90s and I don't think we had a word for that yet. Or maybe we did, I don't know. But anyway! I adore Sailor Moon and reading this first volume of the manga made me remember how much I loved this anime as a kid.

So yes I absolutely loved this one mostly out of nostalgia. But the reason I loved the anime in the first place was because I loved the story line. I think this might be why I still am waiting for my superpowers to awaken. Seriously, when will I be awoken as a guardian? I love that Usagi is a flawed hero. She doesn't want to be a hero, all she wants to do is sleep, and I think a lot of people can relate to that. You don't want responsibilities, but you have to woman up and rise to the occasion. I love that lesson in this manga so much.

There were parts of this first volume that did annoy me at times. First of all that ending! I just wanted to open up the next volume, but I don't have it yet! Another thing that bothered me was that in the beginning of each "Act" we are reminded who the sailor guardians are. Like, I got it twenty pages ago. I think this might be because this was originally released in single "act" issues, but in a complete manga it was a bit tiresome. However, I will say that for the anime TV show this format works really well.

A lot of people complained that Usagi was too immature, but I always thought that was the point, and also realistic. I mean, she is fourteen! Who is mature and responsible at that age? Not a lot of kids I knew back then. I definitely knew I wasn't, and maybe that's why I've always related to her.

If you grew up watching the original anime, you'll enjoy this manga. Actually, if you're watching the rebooted Sailor Moon Crystal, you'll probably notice how it is a panel for panel adaptation. I'm not sure if I like that, but I do want to continue reading this manga series.

Happy Reads Everyone!