Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Deanna Listens: Plumbing the Deathstar

So...I kinda of fell off the map for the past week because I finally moved into my new apartment with the boyfriend!!! Yay!!! And I finally got to unpack my bookshelf which has been in separate boxes for the past month or so.

So here is my first post in awhile, and it's a part of my new podcast feature--Deanna Listens! The first podcast I want to feature is Plumbing the Deathstar.

This one is probably my favorite podcast, which is why I decided to feature it first. It is also the first podcast I have ever listened to. A coworker told me I should listen to this podcast because they talk about nerdy shit that no one ever thinks about. And because they get into the most ridiculous heated arguments about the dumbest shit. It's great I love it.

A few examples some of my favorite episodes are:

  • What are the consequences of Mario Kart?
  • How is everyone ok with The Truman Show?
  • Munchkins and The Wizard of Oz
  • Is the Imperial Army Racist?
  • Does John Hammond Understand Theme Parks?

Okay maybe that is actually a lot of episodes, but I really adore this weird podcast. I think I might listen to them everyday. I have a lot of old episodes backlogged on my playlist, so I'm constantly listening to something from them.

Dude...just listen to these crazy Australian dudes. They are so fucking funny! I definitely recommend it if you like comic books, video games, science fiction movies etc. They definitely will have an episode that you will enjoy.

I highly recommend you check them out. You can follow them on Itunes, Stitcher or Miro .

Got a podcast you think I would enjoy? Let me know and maybe it will be featured next month.

Happy Reads Everyone!