Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Review: The Shadow Cabinet

My Rating:
★★★★ 1/2

My god do I love Maureen Johnson's books, and finishing the third installment of The Shades of London series really reminded me of that. I have read A LOT of her books and I really enjoy her writing, so this review might be a tinsy bit bias but...GO READ THIS BOOK! Oh and the other two before it...and maybe all of her other books...

I had to get my hands on this book immediately because as you recall from my review of The Madness Underneath that one ended on a cliff hanger. So yes, I sped through this book in a week because I wanted to know what happened and I wanted Rory and Stephen to freaking kiss okay? I needed to know! Reading this also made me realize that maybe I don't need to challenge myself by reading books that I hate. I don't have to read these pretentious adult novels that everyone else thinks are great. I need to just read whatever the hell I want to. I definitely needed a book like this in my life right now. Except for the parts where it kept me awake for fear ghosts would eat me in my sleep. How I survived to my mid-twenties I will never know.

So getting back to the review! This book took a express train to crazy town with Jane and her cronies. Like seriously I think maybe they should have been in therapy not Rory. This book dealt a lot with the history of London and Greek mythology, which I loved so I just wanted to see what was going to happen next. I also wanted to know if a certain member of the ghosties squad would err...not be lost. (I'm trying not to spoil shit here people, bare with me).

I read one review that said they weren't as much of a fan of this book and most of it was because they felt like Rory was a completely different person. I have to disagree because I think Rory's humor defense mechanism and her inability to listen to orders were again present in this book. It was often what got her in trouble. The thing I love about her is that when she is nervous or anxious she starts talking about stories from the strange people in her town.

I was never really sold on Jerome in the first book but in the second book when Rory and Stephen kind of have a thing I wasn't really on board with it either. Mostly because he is so grumpy I wrongly thought that he was WAY older than her. Then in the final book there are mentions of him being "a kid" so I had to google his age because obviously I forgot. So yes, I'm okay with this pairing, if it ever really happens. There is a fourth book coming so I will have to see.

If you haven't started this series already...what are you doing with yourself? Go out and get The Name of The Star right now and get on my level.

Happy Reads Everyone!