Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Review: Royal Wedding

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I love Meg Cabot so much and reading this adult installment of The Princess Diaries really made me remember just how much I love her writing and how much this series has meant to me. Like for real, so much about who I am and how I learned to deal with being a teenager is thanks to this series. Like I will never not love a Meg Cabot book...I'll admit when something is not as great, but I will still love it because it's Meg and she's my favorite! For this novel, I did genuinely love every minute of it.

One of things I loved about this novel was that I read it just as I was turning 25 and in the novel Mia is turning 26. I found it super relatable because she was around my age. I felt like I grew up with her and I was checking in with an old friend I had lost touch with. One of my issues with adult contemporary is that I just can't relate to the characters ages and lives, but I didn't have that problem with this one.  A lot of those "quarter life crisis" moments that I've had in the past couple years showed up in this one, and it made me realize it's okay to not know what you are doing with your life. NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING WITH THEIR LIVES!

There's a really great quote to explain this:
I always thought when I became an adult everything would become less confusing, but unfortunately, everything's only become more confusing.

I also could relate a lot to Mia's problems in this book because like her deep down I have this fear that some day my longterm boyfriend is going to realize he wants out. In the beginning of the novel Mia is constantly worried that the royal stuff and her insane family will drive Michael away. I could really relate to that because I've been with my boyfriend since University (4 1/2 years) but I'm his first serious relationship so I'm constantly afraid he's going to one day realize I'm not what he wants out of a relationship. I've kind of expressed this feeling to him and he got really upset about it so I don't know why I'm so worried about, especially since we're moving in together. I think when you're in your mid-twenties and you still live at home and you just don't see your life moving forward things that you shouldn't worry about start to gnaw at you.

There's another quote from the novel that really made me realize I am being crazy, because I think that maybe...just maybe I have found my Michael:
But the best thing about him isn't his looks; it's that he is someone around whom I can be totally myself. When I'm with Michael, I don't ever have to worry about saying the wrong thing, because to him, everything I say is funny or interesting.

One thing I will say about this one is that it reminded me of how much I never ever want to have a wedding. Marriage is whatever to me, but I do not want a wedding. I don't want to deal with micromanagement--like Mia has to endure with Grandmerè. I don't feel like planning or spending a ridiculous amount of money for one day. So I was getting so mad when Grandmerè kept forcing her opinion on Mia! Like no, you're not getting married, she is! So it really reminded me that I don't want to deal with that BS if I ever intend to get married. 

I found that the ending of the book was pretty predictable, but I really liked how it ended up. I would like to have more adult installments, but I think this one was a clean happy ending and I would be okay if this is the actually the final PD novel.

Happy Reads Everyone!