Monday, June 1, 2015

Meg-a-Readers 2015: How Meg Cabot shaped my personality

Here's another post for the 4th annual Meg-A-Readers hosted by Diana @ Little Miss Drama Queen and Mandy @ The Romance Bookie!

You guys all know that I love Meg Cabot already so I thought I would explain to you how my love of all things Meg Cabot really shaped my personality. Let's be real for a minute, I am 100% sure that 85% of my personality is because of Princess Mia and Meg's writing. The other 15% is probably just sarcasm. Which might come from Lily Moscovitz or Suze Simon. Um...I might have a problem.

So why do I think my personality is shaped my Meg's writing? Well there are a few reasons so let me break it down for you.

Star Wars:

Okay, if you were around during Sci-Fi November you probably saw my post about my namesake. You know Deanna Troi from Star Trek TNG? Well I grew up in a trekkie family and I didn't really know that much about Star Wars until I read The Princess Diaries and found out that Mia was obsessed with it.

I think only the first prequel movie had come out, so I got an interest in watching the original movies and thus I became obsessed! Like really obsessed. I read all of Timothy Zahn's Expanded Universe books, I read fan-fiction, I wrote fan-fiction, and the obsession never really ended. I love me some Star Wars! It wasn't until some drunk guy told the boyfriend, "hey you look like Luke Skywalker!" during college that I had to double take and think, "shit, did I start dating this kid because he had Jedi hair?" He's since cut it, but he actually didn't mind that comparison! So thank you Princess Mia for really getting me obsessed with George Lucas. I mean I never had a choice to not be a nerd, but you really helped move things along!


So this one might be more of stretch because I didn't become a vegetarian until college. I was always interested in vegetarianism and I think that was large in part because 14-year-old-Deanna wanted to be Mia and Mia was a vegetarian. Except for when she broke up with Michael and decided to start eating meat again. Which always bothered me because I felt like she only did it because she was mad at a boy, and it kind went against everything she stood for. But that's for another blog post.

As a kid living at home it was hard to be a vegetarian because my parents took care of making dinner and I did try it during middle school but it just never worked. I tried again my freshmen year of college and I've been one ever since. It's definitely a lot easier to be a vegetarian now when so many people live some sort of diet restriction but there are some hardships. Some people just don't think about it, like when I had a vendor bring lunch for my department and I ate tortilla chips for lunch because there was no meat free option. So yeah I have to thank Meg for inspiring me to change my lifestyle. I'm really glad I stuck with it, and I have to admit it is because of her books.


I'll admit I definitely have my moment of insecurities like Mia or even Heather Wells, but I like to think I have also developed somewhat of a "do not eff with me" and "I don't give a crap" attitude about certain things in life. I like to believe I was just taking a page out of Suze Simon's handbook. Homegirl got shit DONE! But maybe that's just because she might be my favorite Meg character. This is also probably where some of my sarcasm came in.

Question for you Meg-A-Readers has reading Meg's book affected your personality? How has she influenced you?

Happy Reads Everyone!