Thursday, May 28, 2015

Review: The Madness Underneath

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First of all...Maureen Johnson, how dare you with that ending? I need The Shadow Cabinet right meow!!!!

I had kind of forgotten about Johnson's Shades of London series until I heard the third book was coming out a few months back. I vaguely remembered the first novel so I reread it via audiobook before starting the second installment. Let me tell you Johnson's humor was exactly what I needed. How could I forget about this series? I think I have read all of her books, and when I read this one I remembered why. They are just so witty, and relatable and just down right fun! This book was no different. Even though this book is about ghosts and has some really dark and sad moments the cynical humor in this one pulled at my black heart strings.

I think one of my favorite parts about this book is that Rory and her boyfriend Jerome insult each other because they don't want to be mushy. They answer the phone saying crap like, "Hello, you are disgusting." I loved that, even though I wasn't that interested in Jerome. I just felt like he didn't fit into Rory's life and his character was almost too flat. That issue does get resolved in this book so I was glad about that.

I also really liked that this book didn't shy away from showing just how much the events of the first book have affected Rory. She is struggling, and she doesn't know how to pull herself out of the hole she dug herself in. I think that speaks to a lot of people (not just teens) on many levels. I think despite all the paranormal stuff you read in this book at the heart it focuses on a girl whom has had a traumatic experience and how she copes with it. I enjoyed her humor defense mechanism, because I think I do that too. Rory doesn't cope well, and I actually was glad about that because I don't think I could have come back from something like that. I think her struggle and mental breakdown is really what made her strong, and more relatable in the sequel.

This book is shorter so I feel like I breezed through it, but I really enjoyed it and if you haven't read the first novel in this series I highly recommend it. Just be forewarned because the book ends and you will be thinking, "Wait, where is the next chapter? I have to find out what happens next!!!" Or maybe that was just me!

But for seriously, if you like books like Odd Thomas or the Mediator Series, I'd highly recommend this one!

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