Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Meg-a readers 2015 + Audiobook Review of Avalon High

Everyone that stumbles across my blog knows I'm a fan of Meg Cabot, so this year I'm participating in the 4th annual Meg-A-Readers hosted by Mandy @ The Romance Bookie & Diana @ Little Miss Drama Queen.  So look out for some more posts about my favorite author!

My Rating:
★★★★ 1/2

Since I started doing some rereads of my old favorite books I wanted to finally write a review of the audiobook of Avalon High. Yo, real talk I think this might be my favorite book by Meg. Well maybe it's tied with the Mediator series. But anyway! I was OBSESSED with this book when I read it a million years ago in high school. I recently read the graphic novels to the series, and they just didn't wow me as much as the original novel, so I decided to listen to it on audio instead.

Here's the thing I love about doing audiobooks for books I've already read, it reminds me of why I loved the book in the first place. I also know if I miss anything because I'm not paying attention that I don't get lost as easily. When I listened to this audiobook I had a smile on my face the entire time, because I just loved the concept of this novel so much. I really wanted more of it, but the graphic novels just weren't enough.

I thought that Debra Wiseman did a pretty good job with the narration, which I find can either make or break an audiobook. I don't know if she was exactly what I heard in my head as Ellie for this book, but I thought she pulled it off really well. I thought she was young enough sounding to make you believe she was a teenager and I think she really got Ellie's inflection and attitude down correctly. Especially when she was annoyed with her crazy teacher! 

Listening to this book on audio really made me miss Meg's books a lot, because at the time I hadn't really been keeping up with her.  So it really sparked me to start listening to other books by the author that I loved, and I also think it pushed me to my current audiobook obsession.

I love this novel from Meg so much! I highly recommend it either on audio or in paper format. If you love fantasy or Arthurian myth it's a book for you!

Happy Reads Everyone!