Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Audiobook Reread Review: Jinx

I've got another post coming at you for the 4th Annual Meg-a-Readers hosted by Diana @ Little Miss Drama Queen and Mandy @ The Romance Bookie!

My Rating:
★★★ 1/2

So I have yet another Meg Cabot reread via audiobook for you this week. This week I am reviewing Jinx read by Amber Sealey. Jinx is a book by Meg that I read a long time ago and never reviewed because it was YEARS before I started blogging about books. So I kind of forgot a lot of what happened in this book, so it was nice to relive it by listening to the audio book.

So first and foremost, I have to admit that Jinx is not my favorite book by Meg. By no means do I think it is bad, I actually really liked it. I think it was one of the first books I read that was about witchcraft and it seemed like it was thoroughly researched. I think it is one Meg's underrated books, but...at the same time I had a few problems with it. Most of the girls in this book are such bitches, and I really couldn't stand how Jean's cousin and her bitchy friends treat her. We don't need books about girls tearing each other down, and that's one of the reasons I was annoyed with it. I also found Jean to be annoying and somewhat naive. At one point Jean forgives her cousin Tory and I was just thinking, "No! She's just playing you! Don't believe her!"

The novel is pretty predictable, but I did enjoy it even the second time. One of the things I liked about it was that not all of the girls are terrible people. Tory's friend Chanelle and the au pair Petra are two of the redeeming characters that I think Jean needed in her life. I also thought it was so obvious that Zach liked Jean but she was just too oblivious to notice it. I just wanted to shake her!

I thought that Amber Sealey's narration was pretty good, except for one thing...she could not do Petra's accent. I think Petra was German in the book but in the audiobook I don't think Sealey did that great of a job at the accent. Otherwise I thought all the character voices and inflections were pretty spot on.

I think that this book could have branched off into a series, but I think I prefer it as a standalone. Despite a few issues that I pointed out above, I think it's a enjoyable read and would recommend it.

Happy Reads Everyone!