Sunday, May 31, 2015

April/May Wrap Up!

So you may be reading this post title and wondering why I'm just now talking about my April reads well...I kind of got too busy and forgot to do a monthly recap for April so I decided to combine the past two months instead of just forgetting about it.

Books I read:


Omg I blew through audiobooks in the past two months!!! I didn't realize just how many I actually listened to. Maybe I need to take a break in June.

Challenges Progress:

TBR Pile: FAIL! I didn't do anything for this one in the past two months. Oops!

Fairytale Retelling:

I actually met my first goal but I want to continue to read more for this challenge. 

Finish That Series:


I also celebrated my first year of blogging in the beginning of May and I still have my giveway running for the next few days so check it out if you are interested!

Happy Reads Everyone!