Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fairytale Retelling Challenge: Cress Review

So I'm really making some progress on my Fairytale Retelling Challenge and my Finish That Series Challenge. Once I finish Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles I will have the latter challenge completed. But as far as what I planned to do for the Fairytale Retelling Challenge I am on track with my goal. I planned on reading 5-9 books for this challenge and Cress will mark the six one I have read! So YAY! I've already reached my Magic Mirror goal!

My Rating:

Okay, enough about challenge updates let's talk about Cress! First of all...why didn't I start reading this series sooner? I LOVE THIS SERIES! I think that with each book I have just loved the series more, and I think that Meyer's writing has gotten better each time. Like seriously can I fast forward in time so I can get my hands on Winter already?

So in the third book we get a lot of reveals about the Lunars and the plague, but we also get to meet Cress. Well, we get to know her a little better and she is so cool! Cress may not be able to fly a spaceship like Scarlet or fight like Cinder, but she has some other cool skills that make her an important member to this ragtag group. Cress is a programmer that understands code and can take down some maximum security systems. She is also a Lunar shell, so I like that we got to see how life was different for them. 

There isn't a lot of Scarlet in this book, as a huge chunk of it does focus on Cress's contribution to this adventure story. We also get a lot of Thorne and I thought that what Meyer does with his character arc was so important. I also love that we get to see a different side of Thorne when he is with Cress. I love their relationship. He is definitely my favorite character in this series and I am excited to see what else is in store for his character development.

While this novel doesn't necessarily end on a cliff hanger, it ends and you are just thinking, "Wait! Where's the next one? I need it now!" So yeah...I'm definitely going to be impatiently awaiting the release of Winter in the fall. I'm really glad I found another series to love, because lately I've been reading a lot of duds. With this series, every time I open up the next book I know I'm going to love it and it's just really nice to have a series like that again. 

What did you think about Cress?

Happy Reads Everyone!