Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Heart Robot ARC Review

My Rating:

I Heart Robot by Suzanne Van Rooyen is a sci-fi novel for fans of both Marissa Meyer's Cinder and Battlestar Galactica. The novel follows back and forth narration between Tyri a human who just wants to be a musician in a world obsessed with science, and Quinn an android whom just wants to be human and treated fairly. A lot of the themes in the novel, the idea of humanity and what makes us this way were very similar to those in the BSG reboot. I think if you liked that show this will be a book for you.

I really enjoyed the dual perspectives in this novel, but at times Tyri really annoyed me. It felt like at parts her thought process was completely different. She kept changing her view on things and it frustrated me. I think this makes sense once you read the ending, but while reading these parts she was seriously starting to annoy me. The good thing was that while she started to annoy me I got a break from her when the novel would switch back to Quinn's perspective. I really enjoyed exploring his world and I wish we got more of an exposition from the robot side. I think some things could have been explained better and I still had some questions at the end.

One thing I loved about this novel was that it was a Sci-Fi novel not set in America or what used to be the country. This one was interesting because it was set in Skandia a new country that had formed obviously from the Scandinavian Countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, etc). It does bring in Norse mythology at one point so I really liked reading a book set in a different country.

I thought this book was really predictable, maybe because I've been a sci-fi fan since um...birth? but I still thought it was a really enjoyable novel. I would definitely recommend it.

*I received an e-copy of this book from Month 9 Books for this review.

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