Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Grapic Novel Review: Watchmen

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So apparently this month all I'm reading is graphic novels. It started with the Walking Dead and now every time I go to the library I find myself in that tiny section scoping out all the classic graphic novels I can find. Which is how I found myself FINALLY reading Watchmen by Alan Moore, and I am so glad I did!

Part of the reason I loved the comic so much was the art work. The colors were so sharp that the panels popped all across the page. I really enjoyed not only reading the dialogue but dissecting the artwork within the comic's pages. I really fell in love with the "loud" style this comic showcased.

I thought it was interesting that after each chapter there was also a few pages of either correspondence or newspaper articles that gave context for the rest of the story. Unfortunately, this is also why I can't give the book a 5-star rating. Honestly that chapter of Night Owl's peer review of birds of prey was soooo boring. For the most part it did move the story along and help you figure some things out, but some of them were just not that interesting.

If you're familiar with the movie you probably had some deja vu when the book gets to the twist ending. However, the book twist is a bit different than what happened in the movie version. I preferred the book version, mostly because it was so bat shit crazy that in made complete sense in this comic book world.

If you haven't taken a stab at this book or you are trying to start reading graphic novels, I would recommend starting with this one!

Happy Reads Everyone!