Friday, March 13, 2015

Graphic Novel Review: V For Vendetta

My Rating:

★★★ 1/2

I really loved Alan Moore's Watchmen so when I picked up V For Vendetta I thought I would love it just as much. I remember really liking the movie, but I do remember parts of it were boring to me. So it's not like I didn't like this graphic novel, but I'm just not a really political person and this book was really political. I mean the introduction even says this is for people who don't turn off the news, and um...I don't really even watch the news.

So even though it was super political, I still did like the graphic novel itself. I thought the plot was extremely interesting if not completely terrifying. I still think V was a dick for putting Evey through hell in that prison. I know why he did it, but like in the movie that part in the book put me off.

I wasn't too crazy about the artwork in this one either. The coloring was a little muted, but I think maybe that was the point. I didn't really like the text font that was utilized because there were a few panels that were hard to read. seems like I really hated this book, but I didn't! Honest! I did enjoy reading this comic and I think it was a quick read, but I think readers need to be aware that it focuses on some heavy material.

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Happy Reads Everyone!