Thursday, March 19, 2015

Graphic Novel Review: Rat Queens

My Rating:

If you want a comic about badass chicks that drink, do drugs and swear like sailors, this one is for you! Seriously, the Rat Queens are so ballsy that I was really surprised by some of the one-liners that came out of their mouths. But the surprise disappeared quickly and I ending up reading this comic laughing the entire time. Even during the battle scenes. These Queens are awesome!

The art work in this comic was amazing. It was on these glossy pages and was really colorful that it kept the reader engaged. There were also some nice full pages during some of the battle scenes that really kept my attention. Sure this book was bloody and graphic at times, but I loved it!

I kept trying to decide which Queen was my favorite, but I could never really pinpoint it. I loved them all for different reasons because they were a gang of diverse girls that everyone could relate to.

The plot itself is filled with mystery and it ends on a big reveal that makes you want to continue reading I definitely want to continue this series, and I'm looking forward to what the second volume will hold.

Seriously, how awesome was this book?

Happy Reads Everyone!