Thursday, February 19, 2015

Historical Fiction February: Why do we love World War II?

Personally I know the answer to this question. I've always been obsessed with 1940s and 1950s fashion and hairstyles. So no wonder Agent Carter gives me so much joy. I only wish I had the time and patience to do awesome things to my hair like that. Or if my fine hair would cooperate and hold a hairstyle. I admire the time period during the war so much because of the fashion.

Peggy is fierce AF

Another reason why people love WWII is because of the emergence of aviation battles. I had a friend in high school that became obsessed with aviation and later with space exploration after we read Catch 22 in AP English. I think Band of Brothers also had something to do with it. (Side note: why was that not on my top 5 historical fiction tv shows list? Because of forgot about it...) I think a lot of people love this time period because of the battles and the progression of flight during this war. 

But I don't think these reasons are solely why WWII history has such a mass market appeal. So why do we as a culture obsessed over this time period?

Wealth of materials.

What I mean by that is that so many countries were affected by this war that there are just so many different stories and angles to retell what happened during this time period. This global conflict was not the only one that some countries were fighting in at the time. Some countries fought a war on the global front and in their homeland. During the war Italy was also going through a civil war while occupied by the Nazis. Finland was also so terrified of Stalin's reign and the amount of people he was killing that they sided with Hitler just to save themselves. There are so many stories that are still being told about this war that I think we won't tire of it until every voice is heard.

I think that since it was a war that was fought on a global scale and almost every country played a part in it, allows us to understand all parties on different levels. It's also a war that we are constantly talking about now that survivors are dying off. It makes us want to hear their stories more. We want to know everything that happened. There are so many more stories to tell, and so many stories to warn us not to let this happen again.

I'm really intrigued by the WWII era in history, and I think it is one of my favorite past eras to delve into. What is one of your favorite time periods to revisit? Or why do you think we as a culture are still fascinated by WWII?

Happy Reads Everyone!