Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Historical Fiction February: Turn: Washington's Spies Episode 1 Review

Another historical fiction show I have been meaning to get to is AMC's Turn: Washington's Spies. I mean it has Jamie Bell in it and I love him, so I don't know why it took me this long to start the first episode. AMC puts out amazing shows so I really don't know why I haven't watched every single thing they have produced yet.

My initial reaction was, "Hey that British jerk is Burn Gorman, why does he always play such asshat characters?" For real this is the same dude that was drinking from a skull in Game of Thrones and was that shady character in The Hour. No surprise here that he is playing one of the big baddies here. 

Turn does a good job of showing the violence and hostility between the rebels and the British troops. Since I am also watching Outlander right now I can see a lot of parallels between how the British treated the Scottish Tribes and how they treat the rebels during the Revolutionary Era. 

I think it is an interesting concept that Jamie Bell's character Abraham Woodhull is basically coerced into becoming a spy since he is a down and out farmer with unsuccessful crops. I did really enjoy the end scene where they cross cut a successful rebel battle and Woodhull swearing his allegiance to The King of England. I love scenes like that and it was nicely done here.

I am very intrigued by this show and I definitely want to continue watching. This time period is a tricky subject so I am interested to see if they will touch on any of the other social issues of the time period, like how the native people's were kicked off their land and slavery. I think this is going to be a slow burning type of show but so far I like what I see. 

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Happy Reads Everyone!