Saturday, February 21, 2015

Historical Fiction February: The Tudors- Episode 1 Review

You may have read my Top 5 Historical Fiction TV Shows post and wondered why a particular show was not on that list. Here's why:

So I finally started The Tudors, it's only been sitting in my Netflix queue since I signed up. I really should have started the show earlier in the month but I didn't really think about watching it until earlier this week. So I have since watched the first episode and I wanted to give a review of my first impressions of the show.

First of all, Henry did NOT look like that. I mean if he did no wonder all these girls are going to his bed so willingly. I know that Showtime was going for the sexy Tudors by casting Jonathan Rhys Meyers but I think Mark Addy's Robert Baratheon would have been more accurate to history. I mean have you seen the portraits of Henry? He did not look like Meyers at all.

I think the first episode starts off strong with a murder in the first five minutes. I think it really sets the stage for the fight for power that will be a major plot point going forward. The second scene is of Henry sleeping with a woman whom is not his wife, so I think it really played into the idea that he was a womanizer. And an asshole. They really show him as an asshole for the rest of the episode and probably for the rest of the show. Which I guess makes sense because this is the dude whom kept on killing his wives.

I can't really stand Henry and Meyers has a face I just want to punch, but like a train wreck I can't stop watching it. I'm going to try to see how far I can watch the first season before the month is out. Hopefully I will have a season one review later. So far I am liking the show and I think the first episode really honed in on what it is all about. Murder and sex.

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What did you think about The Tudors?

Happy Reads Everyone!