Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Historical Fiction February: Top Ten Historical Fiction Books I STILL Need To Read

I announced my Historical Fiction event last weekend, and when I saw The Broke and The Bookish's topic for Top Ten Tuesday I knew it was perfect for my event! This week's topic is the Top 10 books you want to read in a particular genre. So here are my top ten historical fiction novels that I have yet to read!

The Book Thief By Mark Zusak

I've heard nothing but fantastic things about this book. It's another popular WWII book so I'm sure I will like it...when I eventually read it!

Code Name Verity By Elizabeth Wein

I know this book was on my list last week as well but um...I still haven't read it! It's World War II so it's a perfect historical fiction novel that I still need to read!

Red Queen By Phillipa Gregory

This book is currently in my queue for me to read and review for my HF event. I'm hoping it's better than Lady of The Rivers. I wasn't too impressed with that one.

Dragonfly In Amber By Dianna Gabaldon

I LOVED Outlander so I'm really excited to read the second novel in the series. This novel crosses over many genres but I think at the core it's Scottish historical fiction which is something I don't know much about so it makes me like it more.

Fever 1763 by Laurie Halse Anderson

This is one of the books I'm optioning to give away for this month, but I have never read it. I don't know why because I really love Laurie Halse Anderson.

Dark Triumph By Robin LaFevers

So this is another series that I forgot to finish. I loved the first novel in LaFevers' series and I'm really interested in reading Sybella's story. EVENTUALLY!

Life After Life By Kate Atkinson

This is another historical fiction novel that crosses genres and I don't think I would have normally thought to read it if Book Riot hadn't suggested it for people who like Agent Carter. 

The Secret of Raven Point By Jennifer Vanderbes

This is another book that was recommended by Book Riot, and yet another WWII novel. I really like that time period so I'm okay with reading yet another novel from it. This book seems really interesting as it has similar aspects to Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan Trilogy (minus the steampunk qualities). 

Tsarina By J. Nelle Patrick

Listen, I was really obsessed with the fall of the Romanov family and what happened to Anastasia, that in 9th grade I convinced my history teacher to let me do my term paper on the Fall of The Romanovs and the Rise of Communism in Russia. It did not meet the years that we could write anything under but he let me do it anyway. I forget whom this teacher was but thanks, dude! So because of that I'm really interested in reading a historical fiction novel about Russia. 

Which historical fiction books have you read? Do you have any other suggestions?

Happy Reads Everyone!