Monday, February 9, 2015

Historical Fiction February: The Red Queen Review

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I'm making some good headway with my Historical Fiction February book reading schedule. This book is also a part of my TBR Pile Challenge. I've successfully read two out of ten of the books I planned to read. Oh yeah and this also contributes to my Finish That Series Challenge. Um...I think I signed up for WAY too many challenges this year.

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed with The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory. First of all I thought it was going to be about Queen Margaret from the first book, but it was about another Margaret. One whom I wanted to punch in the face. I read the Lady of The Rivers a while back and I really liked the character but I just felt rather meh about the overall plot, so I didn't rate it very highly. It was the opposite for me with the second book in the series. I hated the character and the plot was so drenched in politics and nothing else that I got really bored.

It wasn't just the onslaught of politics that made me not enjoy this one. Margaret was just a bitch. I know that she is considered highly by feminist historians but Gregory's Margaret was so annoying. Margaret thought so highly of herself and that it was gods' will for her son to be King, but if she was really as pious as she claimed she was she wouldn't call Elizabeth of York a whore. I don't think someone whom truly was devout and pure as she thought she was would think so harshly about others. Margaret was constantly judging other women in this book that I was just waiting for her to die.  I felt like she masked her ambitions and greed with piety and it just did not sit well with me.

It's hard to finish books when you absolutely hate the narrator, but I made it through this one. One of the other things that bothered me about the novel was that towards the end all of a sudden we no longer have Margaret's perspective but a third person narration of the battle, and then it jumps back to Margaret's feelings on the outcome. I felt like this was just the writer cutting corners here and it didn't make sense to me.

I was not a fan of this book. So do I recommend it? If you like the rest of the books in this chronological confusion series, go for it but be forewarned that you will probably not like the narrator. If not, don't waste your time. So do I stop reading this series? I don't have the answer for that, because I do want to try to read The White Queen. The good thing about the series is that the narrators are all different so it allows the reader the opportunity to skip around.

What do you think about The Red Queen? Do you think it's worth it to finish the series or should I just give up now?

Happy Reads Everyone!