Sunday, February 22, 2015

Historical Fiction February: Code Name Verity Review

My Rating:


It's a rarity for me to give a book a five star rating as I'm a pretty critical reader. So a book has to be really good in order for me to give it such a high rating. Elizabeth Wein's Code Name Verity deserves that five-star rating.

The novel is told in two parts by Verity and her friend Maddie later on. I'm a fan of multiple perspective so I really enjoyed that the book was written in this way. When I started reading it in Verity's perspective I couldn't help but want to compare this sassy Scottish lass with Deryn Sharp from The Leviathan Trilogy. I actually so much as did the math and convinced myself that Deryn was her mother. Haha. Not really but Verity reminded me of Deryn a lot, so I loved reading from her perspective. She was just so brazen and fierce, even though she was still so scared since she knew what her fate would be.

When the book switched to Maddie's perspective I really liked that too because Maddie wasn't as confident as Verity. I think it was important to show how the war affected people differently this way. Maddie was scared all the time and I think if I was in this situation I would react a lot like her. It was really nice to read about these two girls that were so different but yet had such a strong bond of friendship.

Let me forewarn you about this book before you decide to read it. It's about world war two, so it's also about a lot of sacrifice and loss. The material gets heavy at times and it doesn't necessarily have a happy ending. It's a book that will rip your heart out, but I think it has some important things to say.

I would highly recommend this one!

Happy Reads Everyone!