Thursday, January 15, 2015

TBR Pile Challenge: Throne of Glass Discussion

I'm participating in the TBR Pile Reading Challenge hosted by Evie-Bookish, and for the month of January they are hosting a readalong for Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. They're having a discussion post over on their blog, so make sure you go check it out. I thought it would be easier to answer the questions on my blog. I also wanted to discuss my favorite quotes and what I liked and didn't like about the novel so far. So here goes!

1) Did you read The Assassin's Blade? If so, do you think it enhanced your reading of Throne of Glass? If you haven't, do you plan to go back and do so before continuing with the series?

No! I was wondering hmmm I really want to read about her training to be an assassin, so maybe I will now!

2) Who do you think is behind the Champions murders?

Good question! A part of me thinks it might be Cain, but that's TOO obvious, maybe it's the King? I really have no idea!

3) Thus far, what are some of your favorite scenes from Throne of Glass?

I loved the scene with Dorian when she was playing the pianoforte. I think it showed her in a really vulnerable state that we didn't see before. I also love the scenes with Nehemia, I really like that she has a friend in the castle. Oh! The scene where she finds the passageway, that was so cool! 

4) Have you tried sticking to Sarah's pronunciations or did you make up your own way to say all these names?

I reviewed them prior to reading so I would get it into my head how to pronounce them. Otherwise I would have been pronounced them wrong the whole time!

5) Is this the first time you've read Throne of Glass? Were you like Andrea and Jessica and completely unsure as to why you waited so long to read it? Or, if you reread it for the Read Along, did your reading experience change from the first time?

This is my first time, and I have to admit the pacing is slow so sometimes the action is boring, but I've really latched onto the characters so it makes me want to find out what's going to happen next.

6) Okay, let's just get into this: As of this moment, who are you more fond of--Chaol or Dorian?

Um...Chaol, but probably because he's just so surly and I guess I like that in men? Dorian has his moments, but I honestly don't care whom she ends up with. Actually I hope she doesn't end up with anyone, because I don't think her story needs that.

7) What do you think about Princess Nehemia and her friendship with Celaena? Are you a fan, or are you giving the princess a side-eye?

I'm a fan, but I wonder what was about that look she gave Celaena when they were looking at the watchtower. I'm guessing this eludes to the reference Celaena made about how she used to be fated for something great. It didn't make me suspicious of Nehemia but I think she knows something about Celaena's past. 

8) How are we liking Nox? Do you think he'll end up as someone to count on in the future, or should we not trust him?

I think he's pretty useless, so he's probably not a good character to trust.

9) The writing! Are you loving Sarah's writing as much as I am? Because seriously--it is so gorgeous.

I do really enjoy the writing. There are parts that are really making me want to read more. 

10) Do you have any predictions for the rest of the book? Anyone finding out Lady Lillian's real identity? Betrayals? More friendships? (If you've already read the other half, skipping this one would probably be best. Ha.)

Uh...she will end up with either Chaol or Dorian and she's win the competition, that must I can tell. I think Nehemia is going to find out who she really is, but it's not going to be a bad thing. One can hope.

So...I haven't actually read up to chapter 28 yet, but I felt like I could still answer these questions. Here are some of my favorite quotes so far:

Grinning, she whirled and moved through the main floor, running a hand across the dusty books. "I didn't know assassins liked to read," Chaol called. If she were to die now, it would be complete bliss. 
 Celaena closed her book and sighed. What a terrible ending.
Okay I totally picked two quotes that related to Celaena bookish tendencies, because I think that is one of the things that I really liked about this book. A heroine badass mofo who also likes to sit and read. I loved that both Chaol and Dorian have conversations with her about her opinions on books too. 

Some other things I liked about the book so far:
  • Banter--so much snark from Celaena. I loved both her interactions with the two male leads
  • Celaena is flawed from the very beginning because although she's the "best" she's in a slave labor camp because she got caught. She also makes mistakes (showing off, saving Nox, mouthing off) and has a lot of insecurities that makes her not just a "strong" character but a "real" one
  • A BAMF female assassin that also loves clothes. I can't help but make the Kaylee from Firefly parallel here. I loved that Maas tried to juxtaposition our societal concepts of "strong women" and how just because she kills people doesn't mean she can't do it in a pretty dress. I mean she wouldn't, she'd get blood on it, but you get my point.

Okay time for things in this book I didn't really care for:
  • At first I thought she was really arrogant and pretentious. At times I think she thinks too highly of herself
  • The brewing love triangle. I've gone over this in the above, but why the eff does every YA  book have to have a bloody effing love triangle?!? Obviously I hate them. 
  • Why was she the only woman in the competition? I know a majority of the men are from the king's army, but if there are other assassins there as well where are all the other badass women assassins?
So far I am really enjoying this story, and I can see why so many people have raved about it. We'll see how I feel when I finish this one.
Happy Reads Everyone!