Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Review: Behemoth


Go read this book. That's my review, go read it!

My Rating:

Just kidding!!!

But seriously I cannot recommend the Leviathan Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld enough. If you are not sure if you like the steampunk genre, don't worry Westerfeld unravels this tale so elegantly that you will come away from it with high expectations. I know I have.

Behemoth is the sequel to the trilogy's first book Leviathan and I was really impressed with it. You know how some series have that "second book syndrome"? Behemoth does not have that. I think that Westerfeld does a really fine job of continuing this epic story without making it trite as I've found happens in a lot of series.

Like in the first novel a good portion of it takes place with our two heroes Alek and Deryn in separate places having their own adventures. I found Alek to be less annoying in this one, but I also think it brought about a lot of his ignorance of the plight of the common people. He was kind of annoying me with his thoughts about women. I was just thinking, "um...Deryn is a girl who could kick your ass...can't wait for you to find out that secret." Westerfeld is definitely setting him up for some more characters development in the final book, so I'm interested to see how he changes.

As for Deryn...um why isn't she a part of the BAMF girls club? Home girl is so resourceful! She is so fierce and I just want to be her, or be her best friend. I also love that Westerfeld strings these foils of assertive women in front of her, like Dr. Barlow or Lilit. Deryn doesn't have to pretend to be a boy to be powerful, and I think this message is going to come to the forefront in the final novel.

I've already started the final book Goliath and I'm so excited but also avoiding it because I don't want it to be over.

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Happy Reads Everyone!