Friday, January 30, 2015

Historical Fiction February + Giveaway

*Hey look at me attempting to do graphics HAHA!
As you can see from my participating in Sci-Fi November and my attempted Fantasy December event, I really like to have months where I just read from one genre. Right now I am feeling some burnout from reading so much sci-fi/fantasy that I decided for the month of February I want to dedicate it to historical fiction. (but also because I'm DYING to finish the Leviathan series and it gives me an excuse).

Unlike Fantasy December I think I'm actually going to do more than just reviews for the books I'm going to read for this month. I'm going to do that too, but I also am planning on doing some discussion posts about my favorite historical fiction novels, top ten books, TV and movie posts, and maybe a post about why I love the genre.

Here's what I'm planning on reading this month:

I am also going to be doing an international giveway! YAY! It will not be a requirement to participate in the event to enter the giveaway.  I tried to pick books that offered a diverse time period and culture so to appeal to anyone's historical fiction interests. As long as the book is under $17 on the Book Depository you can choose whatever you want. Please make this fair for everyone, and do not cheat! I will be checking this time.

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I'm really excited to start putting together my posts for everyone in the upcoming months. I want to hear from you. What is your favorite historical fiction novel?

Happy Reads Everyone!