Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fantasy December Wrap-Up

2015 is finally here! Since December is finally over, I wanted to put together a wrap up post for Fantasy December. Initially I wanted to include Dune in my TBR for this month, but since I already had Outlander (another rather long novel) on my list I had to adjust my goals. Luckily for me I succeeded and read the four fantasy books I set out to read! Yay for reaching reading challenge goals!


Although December is over, my Fantasy December Giveaway is still going on. It will end in the next fourteen hours, so if you haven't entered yet feel free to enter while you still have time!

I really enjoy doing theme readings each month. It's fun to just set aside the month to read one type of genre. I have too many books currently sitting on my desk waiting for me to read for January, but I'm considering dedicating February to Historical Fiction. Mostly because I have to finish Philippa Gregory's Cousins War Series and The Tudor Court.

Do you enjoy doing genre reads each month?

Happy Reads Everyone!