Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sci-Fi November Wrap-Up

So I know it's now December but I was on vacation, so I wanted to finally write a wrap up post to talk about my involvement in Sci-Fi November. The lovely bloggers at Rinn Reads & Oh, The Books! hosted this blogging event this month, and I just wanted to first and foremost thank them for all the organizing, scheduling, tweeting, etc that they have done this month. Great job everyone! 

In November I participated in The Nerdy Journalist's reading challenge, and I'm pretty proud of my progress. I was able to finish out having read 5 of the 6 books I planned to read. 

I had a feeling I would not finish Dune, but I was trying to see if would at least start it, but I haven't yet. Maybe next year I will tackle it! I also wrote some updates on my reading progress throughout the month. 

In addition to reading a lot of sci-fi, I also did a few lists:
This was my first time participating in Sci-Fi November, and I really enjoyed it! I wish I could have read some more or even tackled some different blog topics other than lists and book reviews. But all in all it was really great for me. It gave me a reason to blog more than I normally do, and I also found some great blogs that I will continue to follow now that the month is over.
Did you participate in Sci-Fi November? What was your favorite thing about it?