Monday, December 15, 2014

Royal Wedding Cover Reveal & Excerpt!!!

You have to know by now that Meg Cabot is my favorite author. So you probably also know how freaking excited I am that Meg is putting out an adult follow up to not only The Princess Diaries but to The Mediator Series. These are two of my favorite series by Meg, and they are also the books that I believe really helped me want to become a writer. (Finishing my book and trying to get it published is a whole other story.)

When news was released that an adult follow up to Forever Princess was coming out, I was ecstatic. I was super pumped when I found out Royal Wedding was coming out in June, because my birthday is that month. Happy Birthday to me! Today I saw Meg share a link on her facebook page where you could read the first excerpt via Cosmopolitan. I think this is my favorite part so far:
I swear Dr. Goldberg must be the only person in the entire Western Hemisphere who doesn't know Michael's name.
Is Michael Mosvovitz the world's greatest lover? 'YES!' says sex-mad Princess Mia, declares the cover of this week's InTouch. 
Michael's dad thought this was so hilarious, he bought dozens of copies to give to his friends and even his patients. Michael's asked him to stop, but his dad won't listen. "You really expect me not to buy this?" Dr. Mosvovitz asked. " My son is the world's greatest lover! It says so right here. Of course I'm going to buy this!" 
You will also notice that the cover for the new novel was revealed in the article. I really like the design of the cover. I think it's simple without looking boring and I love that it is "Tiffany's Blue." I think that color is perfect for Mia. One thing that bothers me with book designs is when they put real people on the cover. I think this series has always used graphic design to it's advancement by not doing that.  I really like the silhouette effect that was included in the design of the cover. I can't wait to get my hands on this book!

I'm super excited about this follow up novel. Right now I'm debating on whether I should just preorder this book now or wait until it gets closer. I was going to reread all the books in the series before the new one came out, but I opted to relive the series by doing the audiobooks. I'm only on the first one, but it is reminding me why I loved this series in the first place. It also reminded me that Mia & Michael are my ultimate OTP! I just hope I don't crash my car from laughing too hard!

Who else is excited about Royal Wedding