Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fantasy December: The Secrets of Life And Death Review

So I didn't get to Dune yet again, but I'm proud to say that I read the four other books I set out to read for Fantasy December! I rounded out 2014 with 63 books read after finishing Rebecca Alexander's urban fantasy novel The Secrets of Life and Death.

Alexander's book was written in dual perspectives from different times and dealt with the Enochian findings of John Dee and his assistant Edward Kelley. In one perspective we got Kelley's story and in the other we got the perspective of Jackdaw who was a woman long dead but hanging onto life due to the knowledge of John Dee's magical findings. 

The book starts out with a Felix Gruichard a professor of anthropology who is called in by police to examine a body of a girl whom has strange markings on her. Felix notices that the markings look very much like the angelic language Enochian that John Dee and his assistant claimed to use to talk to angels. The first chapter really grabbed me, but as the book went on it started to lose me and I think it was the dual perspectives that did the book in for me. 

I typically LOVE dual perspectives but in this book there seemed like such a disconnect between Kelley and Jack's stories. Yes they are connected by Enochian and the magic that extends life and also by the villian that you meet at the end of the book, but other than that it almost seemed like this was two different stories. I think I would have preferred this book if we only had Jack's perspective.

Although I had some issues with the point of view, the book itself was written well enough that it kept my attention long enough to finish it. I think it was a quick read and something easy to get through, but it's not the best book I have read this year. 

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