Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fantasy December: Book Review: The Kane Chronicles

So I'm going to do something a little different on the blog today. Instead of doing a book review of each book from The Kane Chronicles, I'm going to do mini-reviews of each book and then my usual overall review. 


This is the first book in the series and I think Riordan does a great job at introducing the fantasy elements of the Egyptian Magicians. I love that when you are reading you actually see the hieroglyphics of the spells they are casting. I did not know that Sadie and Carter were biracial prior to reading this series and I really liked that inclusion in the book. Especially since Riordan makes Carter and Sadie's identity issues part of the story. The adventure and the quest to save the world from Set, the God of Chaos really hooked me. I also liked that the Kane kids weren't these all power "chosen ones." They were so powerful because they had A LOT of help. You'll figure out what I mean. 


I like that in this second installment the Kane kids are not only fighting evil but also enemies from within the Egyptian magician community. I think that made more sense and was realistic when you considered the struggle for power. I also like that Set, yeah the baddie from book 1, basically is regulated to an annoyance. Kind of like Crowley from Supernatural. This book delves deeper into the myth of the gods by bringing Ra into it. In this novel the kids are on a quest to awaken Ra and they have to travel within the different levels of the Egyptian underworld to complete the task. That was the really cool descriptive part of the book. Although I kind of liked the second book better, I think it really was just a set up for the final battle.


In the final installment of the series the Kane kids have to figure out how to defeat the chaos snake Apophis who intends to engulf the world in darkness. This one brings about interesting concepts about the Gods' shadows and what would happen if you captured one. What I loved about this novel was that the weird Sadie-Walt-Anubis love triangle finally was resolved...sort of. I also like that even though Carter is supposed to be this "chosen one" his response is "maybe later." He wants to just be a regular kid that practices and teaches magic in the meantime. I also liked the open ending, so you know that Riordan may return to the Kanes one day. 


I really enjoyed this series, and I think my favorite thing about it was Sadie Kane. Sadie's sassy, take no one's B.S. attitude is what made me love this book. I also really enjoyed the duel perspectives between the two siblings. The only complaint I have is that there were times were I had to remind myself if I was reading Sadie or Carter's chapter. There were only a few instances where their voices tended to blur. I'm actually glad I found this issue, because I think Riordan has improved a lot on this in his Heroes of Olympus series. It's really cool to see a writer hone and develop their craft over the years. 

I still think I like Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus series better, but I did find this venture into the Egyptian Gods really fascinating. I'm giving this one a 4 out of 5 Stars.

What did you think about the Kane Chronicles?