Friday, November 7, 2014

Sci-Fi November: Top Ten Sci-Fi TV Shows

In case you couldn't tell already, I really like making list posts. So today I am going to be talking about my top ten sci-fi TV shows. To be honest this list took me a lot longer than I thought it would. 
So in no particular order here is my list!
Star Trek: Voyager

In my Star Wars or Star Trek post I talked about how Voyager was the first spin-off that actually got me to start liking Star Trek. I like The Next Generation because I have a lot of childhood memories of it, but I loved the plot of Voyager so much more. I also loved the inclusion of fierce female captain Janeway. 
Doctor Who

My mom swears that when I was a kid Classic Doctor Who was on PBS and she used to put it on for me. If that's true, that might be why I can replicate a decent British accent. (Well I think it's decent, but British people probably think it's awful!) Truthfully I didn't really start watching this series until it was rebooted, and even then I didn't watch it until David Tennant was the Doctor. I did however go back and watch all the ones with Nine. He was so sassy, so please don't skip Nine! I've been watching it consistently since, and holy frak I was amazed by the last episode!


Everyone's still mourning this show's cancellation right? This a show that had one season and was cancelled but it somehow did the impossible and later had a feature film. Firefly can been explained in two words: Space Western. I think this is one of those sci-fi shows that was pretty accessible even to people not into the genre because it didn't bog the viewer down with the science stuff. 

The Twilight Zone

Remember when they rebooted The Twilight Zone in the early 2000s? Yeah, no one does either, but this classic show was awesome! In terms of today's effects it looks funny and incredibly dated, but the story-lines still stay with us to this day. I believe that the Syfy channel still does marathons every New Years, so I'm pretty sure I have seen every episode of this show. You're humming the song right now aren't you?

Stargate SG-1

I loved this show back in the day, but I will admit that I never finished it. Once Richard Dean Anderson left I kind of lost interest in it. I want to finally see it through to the end but it's not available to stream on Netflix. Boo! Even though I didn't finish it, this show was awesome!

The 4400

The 4400 was another great show that I got sucked into but another one that got cancelled at the last minute. The first season is fantastic, but unfortunately the storyline doesn't wrap up that well in the last episode.


I didn't realize that so many of my favorite sci-fi shows have gotten cancelled. This is another Joss Whedon show that Fox gave the ax to. Maybe Alan Tudyk has a curse on him? I've wanted to re-watch this one for some time, and I finally convinced my boyfriend to watch it with me. Which is hard because I'm sitting there trying not to say anything when I know what happens and whom the bad guys really are. The nice thing about Dollhouse is that it's only two seasons and I feel like Whedon was able to wrap up the story line.


Man this show was so '90s, but I loved it. There are only four seasons but it does at least give you an ending, but I think the opening episode alone will hook you into the show. I've re-watched this show at least three times. I almost want to re-watch it again. 

Orphan Black

This show and it's leading lady Tatiana Maslany came out of nowhere. The promos for this show were awesome because it was really hard to figure out what this show was about and that was why I ended up watching it in the first place. I'm not giving anything away here, but Maslany's acting is amazing in this series. I highly recommend this one.

The X-Files

You know you're singing the theme in your head right now. I grew up on the X-Files, so that might be why I am so weird. But seriously guys, the truth is out there and trust no one! This series is probably really dated now but at the time it was so cutting edge. I'm really tempted to re-watch this show, but it would take forever!

Honorable Mentions: 

Here are three other sci-fi shows that I really liked but I'm not putting them on my top ten list, because I hated their endings way too much. 
  • Battlestar Galactica (Ronald D. Moore's version)
  • Sliders
  • V (2009 Reboot)

Which shows top your list? Let me know in the comments below.