Monday, November 17, 2014

Sci-Fi November: Top Ten Sci-Fi Books

I would like to say that my blogging for Sci-Fi November has petered off because I am so busy reading books for it...but I'm not. I'm kind of failing at my Read-a-thon right now because I still haven't read the second book on my list. Good news is that I'm taking the train to Harrisburg to see the boyfriend this weekend so I expect to read at least one of the books on my list. 

But the reason for this particular post is not to give excuses on why I haven't finished reading my books yet. It's to list off my top ten Scif-Fi books that I have read. Key word is "I have read." These ten books are all ones that I have read and enjoyed so any one that you think should be on here instead probably means I haven't read them yet. So in no particular order, here we go!

L'Engle's books are interesting to me because she combined her love for her religion and for science in a great way. Also this was about time travel and experimenting with the fifth dimension, so it's just one of those classic sci-fi novels you have to read. Go read it! Now!

Of course this book is on my list! I loved this book when I was in middle school. I also recently learned that he talked exactly how he wrote this series. It makes me want to reread all the books.

I read the first book in this steampunk series recently and I loved every minute of it. If you're a fan of Farscape the ship might seem a bit familiar. I think Westerfeld pulled some ideas from the Sci-Fi TV show but made it his own in this alternate reality. 

I think I've talked a lot about this series already, so of course it's on my list. I'm going to be pretty mad if Mara Jade doesn't show up in the new movie. 

1984 is just one of those sci-fi books that sticks with everyone. Although I've argued about this book before, I still think it's a really important social commentary. 

I favor this dystopia novel better than a lot of the ones out there. It's also probably one of my favorite books.

I think George Orwell's radio broadcast of this novel is more well known, but H.G. Wells sci-fi novel is one of the best. It's just one of those classic sci-fi books. You should go read this one too. Right meow!

This book was so weird, which is probably why I liked it. I don't think I read any more in the series--I didn't even know it was a series at the time, but I remember really liking this novel. I think with the emergence of Orphan Black this series is going to get popular again. 

I bet you thought I would say Fahrenheit 451, huh? I do love that book, but I think I liked The Martian Chronicles better because it was a collection of short stories. I have a friend who is working on a novel that is possibility on another planet so I handed her this to help with her world building. 

I'm reading the final book in this series, and I'm kind of avoiding it because I just don't want it to be over. Also because this book is heavy. The themes are dark and sometimes I just have to put this down and read something happy. Forget all the other dystopia novels that have come out in the young adult genre, Shusterman's series is the end all be all of the genre.

Which books do you have on your lists? 

Happy Reads Everyone!