Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sci-Fi November: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Before I get into one of the biggest debates of the Sci-Fi fan community, let me explain a few things. Number One: I like both Star Trek and Star Wars, but I do have a preference for the latter. Number Two: there will be no definite answer here and you are welcome to explain why you like one over the other.

Star Trek

OMG look at those 90s haircuts!
If you read my introduction post, you probably noticed the nonchalant mention about how I am named after a Star Trek character. So let me explain. The story is different depending on whom you ask, but here is how it was told to me. My parents couldn't decide on a name when my mom was pregnant; Mom liked Miranda and Dad liked Alicia. They were watching Star Trek: The Next Generation when Deanna Troi came on the screen and they decided to name me that because they both liked it. So yes, I was named after a character in Star Trek, but growing up I hated it. I think that is why all of a sudden my mom started this story that she just happened to remember going to high school with a girl name Deanna. Come on mom, you didn't name me after a random girl you went to high school with whom I never met, you named me after Deanna Troi. 

So when I was a kid I really hated the fact that I was named after a Sci-Fi character. I tried to change my name multiple times as a kid, and that might have been when I realized I just really wanted to be a writer. I think one of the reasons why I hated it was because Star Trek was my older brother's thing, so it might have been a lot of sibling jealous. So I kind of rebelled against my Trekkie family and hated Star Trek for a really long time. By rebelled, you know I really just mean that I got into Star Wars instead. I guess that's how you rebel in a Sci-Fi family!

Over the years I did finally warm up to Star Trek. I think it was watching Voyager that made me finally like the franchise. I had seen The Next Generation as a kid and I have some fuzzy memories of Deep Space Nine, but Voyager was the one that I consistently watched. I still to this day like that spin-off series the best.

Star Wars

When I was in my rebellious days and flocking to Star Wars it started with the Prequels. I know, I know, don't judge me, but I was nine when The Phantom Menace came out. To be honest, I didn't really like that one, but I really wanted to watch the original movies, which I did and I loved them! The originals were great, especially when you consider how advanced the special effects were at the time. 

When we were all waiting for the final prequel films to be released I got heavily into the Star Wars Expanded Universe. I think I started with Timothy Zahn's Heir to The Empire Trilogy, and I suggest if you haven't read any of the EU books to start with that. This series introduces Mara Jade, the Emperor's hand and one of his personal assassins. She was such a BAMF character that of course I fell in love with her. I was obsessed with reading all of the EU books. I did read a few of the New Jedi Order, but I don't think I ever finished it. I'm sure they were a ton more that I have not read. I kind of want to start reading them again, but I feel like I would fall into an Expanded Universe Vortex and never come out.

I think I favor Star Wars more than Star Trek because the Expanded Universe appealed to my bookworm senses. It's pretty much the reason that I haven't read a lot of the classical sci-fi novels, because I was too busy reading about the Solo kids. When I first started this blog I talked at large about how when I first started writing I wrote a lot of Sailor Moon fan fiction. Well I also wrote a lot of Star Wars fan fiction. I just really wanted to be Mara Jade. So I think that I favor Star Wars a bit more because it started the spark to shape me into the writer I am today.

So which is it for me: Star Wars or Star Trek? If I had to choose I think I will always choose Star Wars. It shaped me into a writer and it was the first time I had something that was my own in my Sci-Fi loving family. However, that does not mean I hate Star Trek, at least not anymore. I think in comparison to Star Wars, Star Trek has more materials to work with and I think that makes it a little bit more accessible. 

So if you had to choose which one would it be: Star Wars or Star Trek? Let me know in the comments below!