Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sci-Fi November: Classic Sci-Fi Novels I STILL Haven't Read

I like to think that I am a huge Sci-fi fan. I love a good Sci-Fi TV show, so of course I've read a lot of Sci-Fi books. Right? That was what I thought until I sat down and thought about all the science fiction books I have read. I realized that I mostly spent my middle school days in the Sci-Fi shelves reading books from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. I read a lot of those books! But apparently not quite as many other Sci-Fi books. I've seemed to have neglected a lot of the classical novels of the genre. So here is my list of some of the pivotal Sci-Fi novels that I still haven't read. (Please don't judge me).

Save your breath Sci-Fi fans, because I have another confession that will make you gasp. I have never read anything by Asimov. Okay I'll wait...Yes, Asimov is one of those writers that everyone who likes Sci-Fi has read. He is probably arguably one of the most influential classic Sci-Fi writers. I am actually pretty ashamed that I have yet to experience his writing, considering that he is often referred to as one of "The Big Three" of classic Sci-Fi.

What? Don't judge me, I said I haven't read anything by Asimov. Luckily I never saw any of the movie adaptations of Asimov's work so when I do end up reading this book it won't be tainted by that. Thank the force for that.

Another of "The Big Three", Arthur C. Clarke is yet another classic Sci-Fi writer that I just have not gotten around to reading. I did see the movie adaptation of this novel, but I hope by the time I read this novel it won't be tainted by that. The movie was so delightfully weird and I did like it, but I imagine Clarke explains things a lot better.

The Sci-Fi bookclub at my local bookstore is named after this influential Sci-Fi novel, so even if I could join it I think I wouldn't be allowed to. Just kidding. But yes, I haven't read anything by Dick either. I saw A Scanner Darkly, and hated the animation, but I thought the story was really intriguing. So hopefully, eventually both of these books make it onto my "read" shelf. 

I've heard such great things about Le Guin, and this book, but I still haven't read it yet. The concept of this book seems really cool. I know that this is book four in a series, but I read that some people have read it as a standalone and Le Guin herself has said that the books contradict each other a lot. Hmm, anyone whose read the series have any answer?

Heinlein is the third in the "Big Three", but yet I still haven't read any of his books. Why? What is wrong with me? Maybe I don't really like Sci-Fi?

But I do really love Sci-Fi books! Later this month I will be writing my list of my top Sci-Fi books, so you'll be able to see that I actually do read from this genre. What classic sci-fi novel have you neglected to read? Let me know in the comments below.