Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sci-fi November: Book Review: Feed

My boyfriend has been urging me to read Feed by M.T. Anderson for some time, but I just never got around to it. Since it's Sci-Fi Month it was the perfect opportunity to finally read this terrifying yet realistic dystopian novel for my reading challenge this month. Man, does that kid know me pretty well because he knew that I would like this book. 

At first I was not really into this book and that mostly stems from the slang and lexicon that the characters use. At first I thought it was just Titus and his shithead teenager friends that talk in this dumbed down language, but then you meet his dad and he talks exactly the same way. You can really see that how "the feed" has changed this futuristic society for the worst.

In this society everyone is implanted with the feed in their brains, it is actually a part of their brain and you will learn why it is dangerous at the end of the novel. So to put that in perspective it's as if someone shoved your smartphone into your brain and corporations are constantly advertising to you. The society is a materialistic pro-corporate society that doesn't even realize that everyone is dying because they are too concerned with the next big "in" thing.

Man, this book basically made me want to throw my phone out the window. I think that this book is so terrifying because Anderson wrote it in 2002 before smartphones and social media was even a thing yet. This book scared me because our obsession with the internet makes this potential future a real possibility. This is one of those dystopian novels that really sticks with you, because it could actually happen. Isn't that the scariest thing of all?

I didn't really like the ending of this book, but I think as a whole the message behind the book was executed really well. So I did really end up liking it. I'm giving this a 7.5 out of 10.

Have you read Feed? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Reads Everyone!