Friday, October 31, 2014

Why I love Rick Riordan

If it wasn't obviously from my blog Stop Telling People What To Read, I'm a pretty big fan of Rick Riordan. However, sometimes I do feel weird being a 24-year old reading these books that were intended for 12-year olds. Then I ask myself, "Why do I care about that?" Does it matter that I enjoy these epic adventure novels that Riordan writes even though I am not the intended demographic? No it doesn't, because as soon as I read his novels I am reminded why I love his work. So here are just a few reasons why I love Rick Riordan and why I think you should too!

He is the King of Twitter Sass

Before I can even begin to talk about his writing, if you are not following Riordan on Twitter please do so now. The dude is too funny and you can really see that the humor he puts into his writing is genuine. He also recently talked smack on how awful the movie version of Percy Jackson is. I love that he reminds people that sometimes the author has no control over what producers do in book-to-movie adaptations.

His writing is genuinely Funny

I love the sort of exasperated, sarcastic humor he uses with both Percy Jackson and Sadie Kane. I just finished the Red Pyramid and Sadie might be my favorite character he has ever written. Her sass level gives me life, and I really felt like I have connected the most with her character over any other character that Riordan has brought to life.

The thing I love the most about the humor he uses is the chapter titles. I mean come on they are so funny!


One thing I really love about Riordan's work is the diversity of characters. I read Percy Jackson first, so I can't really recall a lot of it, but I don't think the cast of characters were as diverse as they could have been, but when I read the Heroes of Olympus I saw a shift in Riordan's writing. Not only is that series written in multiple perspective, but from a cast of very different characters.

I'm late to the game with the Kane Chronicles, but before reading it I had no idea that Carter and Sadie Kane were mixed race. I think it is really important for there to be more representation for people of color in Juvenile and Young Adult Fiction, and I think Riordan does a good job at it.

Are you a fan of Rick Riordan? Let me know why you like his books in the comments below.

Happy Reads Everyone!