Thursday, October 23, 2014

Help! I'm drowning in my TBR list!

So yesterday I tweeted about how I think I spend more time on Good Reads reading and adding books to my TBR shelf than actually reading said books. I think I have a problem. Is there any sort of Good Reads rehab? Because I might need it. 

I was starting to feel good about my TBR list because this year I've been trying to do a lot of the reading challenges that the Young Adult Book Club group I'm in hosts. I like doing them because I can plan accordingly and shave off my list by fitting books on my list into the categories. I was doing so well, I had even shaved my list down to 80 books. Partly from reading them, and partly from having one of my friends say, "Hey I read X book, don't read it, it's terrible." Seriously you have no idea how good it is to have a friend who knows your reading tastes to be able to tell you that. Seriously find one like that, because it's awesome. 

So what happened to make my list go from 80 back to 108? I like to blame Good Reads for continuing to entice me with their recommendations. That is partly the reason. I also want to blame Epic Reads for continuing to make these awesome infographics. I totally looked at the 25 YA Books for Game of Thrones Fans again and just added all of them. 

Epic Reads also just put out a new infographic of a timeline for historical fiction in YA. If you printed it out it would be 8 ft long. I've really only read 3 of the books on the list, so I had to say to myself, "Deanna, don't you dare, you have 108 books yet to read. You will die before you read all of these books." 
Click through the link above for a bigger version

It's not really Epic Reads fault that they are so awesome. I just have a problem.
It's my fault really, I just can't help myself when it comes to books. I just want to read them all! Does anyone else have this problem? How do you cope with your massively long TBR list? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Reads Everyone!