Thursday, September 11, 2014

Stephanie Perkins is adorable and inspiring

Okay, so confession time--I have never actually been to a book signing.

Until tonight, when I got to meet Stephanie Perkins and Jon Skovron at The Doylestown Bookshop. I'm glad I went, because after hearing them discuss their books and writing process, I got more inspired to start working on my manuscript as much as humanly possible. (Although now I'm considering changing my character Sufjan's name. Maybe I should just go with the hockey references and name him Clarke, or Claude...or even Lindros? But that's for another blog post.)

I haven't read any of Skovron's books, but after hearing him talk about Man Made Boy, I am hooked and I need to add that book to my TBR pile. I read all three of Perkins novels rather quickly, and I was having a hard time deciding which was my favorite. I really liked Isla and the Happily Ever After, but Lola and the Boy Next Door really spoke to me on so many levels. No, I don't have gay dads, but I was always that "weird" girl in school that dressed in whatever she felt like and did not give two shits what people thought of her. To be honest, sometimes I feel like that "weird girl in advertising" at my day job, so perhaps that's why I latched onto Lola so much.

Perkins revealed that Lola was actually the first book she wrote, and after hearing the struggles she went through with it, I knew then that it was my favorite. She also said when she was struggling with her writing she got inspired by something Meg Cabot wrote on her blog. You know, my favorite author Meg Cabot! I think that endeared me to Perkins more, because Cabot is the reason I wanted to be a novelist. From the reviews I've read Lola wasn't as well received as Anna, but I liked that book so much better. So of course I brought that one to get signed and told her that it was my favorite. Because even before I went to the signing tonight, I knew that book was my favorite,  I just needed someone else to convince me.

It was really great to hear a real live author speak, because it really inspired me to start getting back to work on my novel. I starting working on my novel again after months away shortly after I started this blog, but lately I have really been slacking. I'm blaming Netflix, but really it's me. I just have not had any motivation, and every time I work on it, I end up just reorganizing the chapter breaks in the first four, so I don't really get any work done. So now I know I HAVE to get back into it. I have been writing dialogue in random notebooks here and there when I get inspiration, but I'm ready to get back into the meat of the story. Being a published writer is the only thing I live for, and I need to start fighting for it.

Are you a fan of Stephanie Perkins? Which was your favorite book? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Reads, Everyone!