Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dad is Fat: Book Review

Jim Gaffigan is funny as hell. Whenever a new one of his comedy specials comes on, I try to watch it as soon as humanly possible. So when I saw his book was available for review from Blogging for Books, I jumped on the chance. I struck out with the first two books I've reviewed, but the last one was good, and I had a feeling that one would be a good laugh.

I was right. One thing I did notice was that if you are a fan of his comedy you will probably have a sense of deja vu as you read this. Gaffigan's comedy talks about his crazy life with his five kids in a small two-bedroom apartment in New York. Since this book is about his kids driving him to insanity, some of his comedic one liners and stories resurface in this book. I have also heard that he does the reading for the audio book and he added some side comments that weren't in the book.

I think this book is great for people who have kids, no matter how many. I think they will be able to relate to this a lot. People who read this and don't want kids, may have been given another reason not to. One of things that I liked about this book is that Gaffigan broke the "fourth wall" of a book by actually addressing the reader not only in his funny foreword but throughout the book. I think it really set the tone for the stories he would tell in the rest of the book.

I recommend this if you like Gaffigan's commedy and/or you are just looking for a light hearted short book to read in-between others. It's funny, not too long and you'll close the last page with a laugh!

Click here for more info and a bio on Jim Gaffigan.  I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review. 

Happy Reads, Everyone!