Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dreams of Gods & Monsters: Book Review

I hate Laini Taylor and I hate this book...because I'm jealous of how good of a writer she is.

For real, I wish I could write as eloquently and descriptive as she does. Her writing style is unlike any I have encountered before. She blows me aways with it, and inspires me to improve my writing. Even though the two novels I have in progress right now are not fantasy novels, I hope that reading her work can flesh out my own writing more. In fact immediately after finishing this book, instead of going to write the review right away, I started revising one of my novels.

Dreams of Gods & Monsters is the final installment of Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. So if you haven't read the first two novels I suggest you read those before this review. Actually read the book before reading the review because there are a few spoilers. Otherwise meet me after the jump.

Like I said, I have never read anything quite like this series, and Taylor continued to wow me with her writing. The final novel picks up where Days of Blood & Starlight ends, but first she introduces us to scientist Eliza who has lived her whole like in fear of dreams of monsters. We are led to believe these monsters are the chimaera and Karou's people, but we're not sure who exactly Eliza is at first or why we should care. Eliza ends up being a really important character, one that answers a lot of questions on why the seraphim and the chimaera have been fighting since the dawn of time. Eliza is important like Karou, because she's not quite human, but something more.

I liked the introduction of Eliza's character and how Taylor beautifully described her past life as Elazael--a seraphim of color. Taylor does it amazingly, with just one phrase that doesn't make it sound contrite. It's not just here where her descriptions are great in short segments, but throughout this novel.

All in all the novel is beautifully written and it's full of action. There's a battle earlier on, an attempted assassination, betrayal and everything you want out of a story like this. I love that she also showed the progression of Akiva's sister Liraz. I was a little surprised that Liraz falls for the Ziri, but I liked the development of character she included here. I also really liked that Akiva and Karou don't really get a "happy ending" because their story is not over yet. I don't know if Taylor will continue on with their story, but I think she set up the ending that she could continue with their journey to become Godstars or even do a spin-off with some of the other characters. I would read the crap out of Eliza's story.

Sometimes I blow through YA books that everyone talks up and I am left thinking they are good, but not the best thing I have ever read. This is not the case with Dreams of Gods & Monsters. This was one of those books I blew through because it was so good. I gave this a 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads, but here I use a 1-10 scale, so I'm giving it a 9.5 out of 10. I highly recommend it.

Happy Reads Everyone!