Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Periodic Table of Epic Reads--Say What?!?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some infographics, if you haven't noticed that already. And Epic Reads always makes some balling infographics. If you're a young adult book fan and you aren't following Epic Reads in some form, you are severely missing out. No serious, go on their website right meow! I guarantee it will be worth your while.

I love the Like, Try, Why graphics that they put out on a regular basis, but yesterday they rolled out the above Periodic Table of Epic Reads, and it is awesome!

There is a full on legend to explain what everything means. Some key things to point out is that they include the amount of pages for each book, the category, and group. The thing that I really love about this infographic is that they grouped book series together and indicated how many books are in the series. Do you know how many times I get sucked into series I don't have time for because I don't realize they are series? ALL THE TIME. So I think this is a useful tool in that sense.

I love things like these, and I think it's another cool way to discover new books.

Which books have you read on the Epic Reads Periodic Table?

Happy Reads Everyone!