Monday, June 2, 2014

Panic: Book Review

First things first, I do not like this cover. My day job is in marketing and advertising, so I get what the publisher is trying to do, but I hate it. People do judge books by their covers, I know I'm guilty of it, and this cover does not do the story justice.

It took me only a week to read this book, so I think that should give you an inclination on how I felt about the book. I literally had no idea what Panic was going to be about, and maybe that was Lauren Oliver's intention, because she had me flipping those pages faster each time. I wanted to know who was going to win the game and the $67,000 dollars. I wanted to know if Panic would even continue after someone died during the game.

Although, I did come to really like this book, Panic was a huge challenge for me. Oliver's writing is fantastic. So much that it made me want to cry, because I never think my writing will be that good. Her writing didn't present a problem for me, it was her characters. I loved that we got two different points of view in this book, and that they were male and female. I liked the juxtaposition of the storytelling in that light; however, I found it hard to relate to or even like her characters.

We meet Heather first, and she came off as cold and judgmental, but once you learn about her mom you start to understand why she is the way she is. I think she made bad decisions and misjudged a lot of things, but in the end I was rooting for her. Dodge is the male narrator, and at first I really liked him, but then his plot for revenge starts to paint him as more of a villain. I liked Dodge, and understood where his anger was coming from, but I wanted him to let it go. I felt indifferent to Heather's friend Bishop, but I didn't really like Natalie. I'm still not sure how I feel about her.

I think the story is interesting enough, so in spite of not really connecting to the characters, I still really enjoyed it. It was a challenge to read, but a challenge I needed. This book was not what I was expecting, but it was a pleasant surprise.I'm giving it an 8 out of 10.

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Happy Reads Everyone!