Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Get More Books By Blogging About Them!

Back in May when I first started up this blog I wrote a post on how to get free books. I'm really good at being savvy on various social media sites and finding book sweepstakes. At the time I wrote about Read It Forward and said they give away a book a month. That is actually incorrect, if you are signed up as a member they will email you about book giveaways each week. I haven't won yet, but if the books strikes my interest I'll enter it. Honestly, what do you have to lose? Nothing! So anytime I see a book contest, 90% of the time I will enter it, even if I have never heard of the book before. It's always nice to get out of your reading comfort zone.

Read It Forward is courtesy of Crown Publishing, which is also apart of Random House, which is now Penguin Random House. I don't care which publishing companies merge, just as long as they keep on contracting awesome books!

Read It Forward actually isn't the only way to get free books from Crown. They just recently opened up an advanced reader program called Blogging For Books.  Since I enter their contests a lot and give them my blog url in the entry form, I was invited into the program. It looks like this isn't just a invite-only program so I wanted to bring it to the attention of my fellow advanced readers and book bloggers.

Basically all you have to do is sign up and fill out the entry form, which I think took me 10-15 minutes. The entry form will ask you specific questions about what type of books you like to read so it will give you books suggestions that you might enjoy. Once you find a book you want, you request a copy which can be print or e-book. Sometimes it really depends on the book availability. All you really have to do is write an honest review about the book that they send you. The cool thing I like about this program is you don't necessarily have to already have a book blog. You can write your review right on their website. If you do have a book blog, you can write it normally and then just upload the url so it feeds onto their website.

I thought this was a really cool program, and I'm excited to get started with it. I also thought it was something my readers would be interested in. If you know of any other advanced reader programs, leave me a comment below and I will add it to my Sites for Book Lovers page.

Happy Reads Everyone!