Monday, June 30, 2014

Epic Reads' Book Nerd Problems Is Gold!

If you're a young adult fiction fan and you're not checking in on Epic Reads...well what are you doing?

Epic Reads is the teen imprint of Harper Collins Publishers, and I think they do a lot of cool and interactive things on social media to keep book lovers interested. I talk them up a lot because they always have great contests and I love their Like, Try, Why infographics. They also have some cool video content on their website like Tea Time, but I especially love their Book Nerd Problems videos.

The girls that act in the Book Nerd Problems videos are my reader spirit animals. No for real, they are...or well at least their actor portrayals all. They have only done a few of these videos, and they are not that long, but I like how they can easily capture what it truly is like to be a book nerd. They do a pretty good job at it, and their short videos always give me a chuckle.

Below are two of my favorite videos that they have done for this series. Do you have a favorite so far?

I mean this one is so accurate it hurts.

...and so is this one I guess.

Happy Reads Everyone!