Sunday, June 8, 2014

Allegiant: A Book Review

Before I give you the absolute truth about how I felt about Veronica Roth's Allegiant, let's recap on the how I felt about the first two novels in this series.

Divergent: The first novel in the series was okay, but it wasn't the best thing I had ever read. I liked the story enough, but I thought Tris was kind of a bitch. It was a quick read, so I did enjoy it.

Insurgent: I enjoyed the second installment more than the first, which I think is actually rare. Tris did some really stupid things in this novel, but I liked that it was more action packed than the first one.

Okay, now for Allegiant. Oh boy, I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book. In the end, I did enjoy the story, but I have a lot of problems with how the story was told.

The biggest thing that bothered me about the final installment was the use of dual perspectives. Don't get me wrong, I love multiple perspective, when it is done well. I don't think that Roth has fully developed her character voice yet, because Tris and Tobias' narratives were way too similar. It took me until I was half-way into the book to really start distinguishing between the two voices. I think it was a really risky move for the author to deploy, especially since the first two novels were only in Tris' perspective. I was actually glad we had Tobias' perspective, because Tris was even more of a bitch in this last novel. Due to how the book ends, I understand why she did this, but I think she still needs to work on this aspect of her writing as she develops her style. I think if it wasn't because of the struggle to differentiate between the two voices, I would have liked this book so much better.

I took a lot of the genetics portion in this book with a grain of salt. For one, when you get to the part about The GPs VS. The GDs it sounds an awful lot like the plot to the movie Gattata. Parts of it didn't appear that well researched, so that did irk me a bit. This may not completely bother all readers if you use distention of belief when you read it.

Let's be frank, that ending was terrible, but it wasn't awful. It was terrible to read such a disappointing ending, but I think Tris was always meant to be a sacrificial lamb. I didn't like it and I can understand why a lot of fans were so angry after reading it. I do have to admire Roth for choosing such a risky ending, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

All in all, I think this series was just okay. It wasn't the best series I've read, but I can understand how so many people have latched onto the characters. I think Roth made some huge risks in this series, so I can respect her for that. I do think that she has some things to improve upon as she continues to develop as a writer. For me, I'm giving the last book at 5.5 out of 10, I just wasn't that impressed.

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Happy Reads everyone!