Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Writing Tunes

Some writers might use Pandora or Grooveshark to help them get into the groove of writing, but I am a huge supporter of 8tracks. Some writers might not even listen to music, as they feel it distracts them. I am not one of those writer's. I need something to be playing in the background while I write, sometimes it's a hockey game I don't really care about, but most times it is music.

When I really want to get into my writing, I tend to listen to classical and soundtrack score music. 8tracks is great for this because there are so many soundtrack/classical mixes you can find on there. There are a lot of studying/reading/chill mixes that I have found pretty helpful when writing. But there is one user whom I absolutely adore, and their mixes are my go to when I need to hunker down and write.

8tracks user Lamusette has the perfect mixes every time. Most of the mixes fall into this music category, but I especially love their 7-part Story Time mixes. They are perfect to help me focus on my writing, but they are also great to suck you into the book you are reading. For me it kills two birds with one stone...oh god I didn't mean to sound that cliche...My point is, these mixes have multiple uses that I have found rather helpful. I highly recommend checking them out.

There are a ton of other similar mixes that you can find on 8tracks that will help you with writing, reading and even studying. I highly recommend checking out the site. You can pretty much find any sort of mix you are looking for. AND IT IS AWESOME!!!!

Happy Reads Everyone!