Thursday, May 1, 2014

The blog is back!

A few years ago, I started a blog about my writing, but I don't think I went about it the right way. Back then I was making blogs with story excerpts, and I don't think that made sense. It's hard to get readers in general, and even though I made that blog for me, I never really used it. But now, I'm back.

After graduating college in 2012 and finally finding permanent employment last August, I've finally gotten back into the groove of my writing.

I recently picked up the 2014 issue of Novel & Short Story Writer's Market, and it was the best $30 I  have spent. I read the 2007 issue back in high school, so I knew it was time to get an updated copy. I'm not that far into it, but what I have read has been really helpful in honing my craft. I've also been working more on one of my novels, and I found that now it's time to actually start marketing myself as a real novelist.

This blog will be a combination of me writing about honing my craft, story ideas, prompts and just discussing good articles I've read in the literary field. I might even start doing book reviews, if I'm ambitious enough.

My next blog, I'll introduce myself to my readers to better to show where I am with my writing.

Happy Reads!